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Sending Smoke Signals, Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, United States Austin Neill, Unsplash


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Company information

Company Number: 12821564
Registered in: England and Wales

In-person meetings

INUPON uses the registered offices for postal purposes only and are rarely visited by INUPON employees due to Work From Mountain or Home policy.

Meetings are held virtually (unless explicitly stated otherwise), please review meeting invitations for virtual meeting room details and contact the organiser if there are any issues with the options provided.

Events themselves are held in-person at pre-determined bookable venues. Please do not attend without confirmation that you have a space, numbers are limited (and variable based on each activity) for insurance purposes.

If you would like to meet in-person in a non-event capacity, please use the general contact details and a representitive will be happy to organise a suitable location.

Event specific enquiries

If you are looking to contact INUPON regarding a specific event, for the quickest response, please use the contact information provided in the announcement or booking confirmation for the specific event.

Each event usually has it's own contact method please refer to the notices you have been sent for that event.

As a last resort, if you are stuggling to find these event specific details, use the general contact details and we will do our absolute best to respond in a timely manner and direct you appropriately. 

Registering for an Event

Please register your interest with us to be informed of upcoming events.

General enquiries

Get in touch with an INUPON representitive via telephone, email or post.

  • UK Telephone: 01446 484112
  • International Telephone: +44 1446 484112
  • General Email:
  • General Post: INUPON Limited, c/o 228 Holton Road, Barry, Wales, CF63 4HS

The INUPON General Post / Registered Office is used as a postal address only.
Visitors without a prior appointment will likely be turned away, don't waste a trip get in touch first.

Nick camping in Snowdonia
Photograph of Nick Llewellyn in WFM mode (Work From Mountain) in North Wales, UK.

Contact us by non-electronic means

If you would like to contact INUPON by non-electronic means, please direct post to the registered office address and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Registered Office: INUPON Limited, c/o 228 Holton Road, Barry, Wales, CF63 4HS


This article was updated on January 28, 2023