A selfie with view of Tryfan and Pen yr Ole Wen Mountains in North Wales
A view over Tryfan and Pen yr Ole Wen Mountains in North Wales Nicholas Llewellyn

About Nick

Nick is an experienced Outdoors Leader and Instructor. He is the Founder and Owner of INUPON Limited, and the primary point of contact for the events. You will be directly in touch with him when you register your interest in INUPON's events.

A brief autobiography

From a young age, I learned how to use the outdoors safely for fun and adventure. My school had ties to the MOD and this gave us access to use equipment which would allow us to "conquer nature" on the weekends and during holidays. Maps, compasses and waterproofs helped us to travel on foot or bike to get to places. Ropes and gear let us climb up and abseil down things safely. Kayaks, canoes and self-built rafts to navigate through water. We spent an inordinate amount of time using our survival crafts to camp and cook our food on the fires we built from nothing but tinder, kindling and firewood that had to be collected from the camp area.

I looked forward to the often damp adventures IN UP and ON our beautiful country.

As I grew up, rather than "conquering nature" on adventures I learned about natural navigation, bush craft, and foraging. I discovered wild medicine and learned about respecting the countryside, eventually seeing how to work "with nature" instead of trying to defeat it.

Becoming an outdoors leader

I finished my formal education and started my career in IT. Day trips on the weekend, and longer expeditions on holidays would help put my worries into perspective and release the stresses that built up during the intense weekdays.

My colleagues and their friends became interested and started to join me on these adventures. I became responsible for them as a group leader, so I undertook professional training and gained qualifications and more skills in a variety of activity disciplines. Eventually I made the leap and became a fulltime freelance outdoors instructor.

The freelance work took me across the whole of the UK and farther afield into Southeast Asia, central France and southern Norway.

During these excursions I've made many friends, and I hope to make even more.

If any of this has intrigued you, register your interest and I'll let you know, with no obligation, all about our next event.

Nicholas Llewellyn

This article was updated on January 28, 2023